The Blood Throne of Harrow

”The duty of a king is first and foremost to throne, the instrument of his power,” you say, “to respect me properly, you must gather from the city and from abroad all the treasures you can win to make me even more splendid and even more visibly something to be worshipped.” Although skeptical at first, Barclay does as you have instructed, and ventures off to win treasures for you. Several years pass, each much the same as the last, until one night a woman sneaks up to you in the moonlight, sits down in you. This is Maisie Harrow, her blood as strong but no stronger than her brother Barclay's. She could be a queen, or she could die; the choice is yours.

Let Maisie Harrow live. Kill Maisie Harrow.

Story by E. D. Kastin | Python by Jeddak Inc.

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