The Blood Throne of Harrow

You are the Blood Throne of Harrow, the seat of kings who crafted you with skill and magic, that any who sat in you would rule the city absolutely, that any who sat in you in whom the Blood of Harrow was not strong would die. The last of the kings to sit in you has been gone for longer than any but you can remember, and the officials of the city have come to use you as a means of execution, forcing convicted criminals to sit in you, where you kill them. Now, a simple bandit stands before you—or at least, so he appears to the guards who surround him, forcing him towards you. You can tell that he is Barclay Harrow, that he along with his older brother Graham and his younger sister Maisie are the last of the true Harrow line, that he could be a king. The guards shove him forwards, and he lands, sitting in you. This many generations distant from the kings of old his blood is weak enough that the choice to let him live and rule or kill him is yours.

Let Barclay Harrow live. Kill Barclay Harrow.

Story by E. D. Kastin | Python by Jeddak Inc.

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