The Blood Throne of Harrow

You let Barclay Harrow live, and the city unfolds before him. With your power he can see every corner, move every object within the city walls. The guards and townsfolk gasping at the sight of a living man in the Throne is a whisper compared to the voices in all the houses he can hear now, that you could always hear. You hear his thoughts as well, and he yours. “Am I king now?” he thinks, amazed. He asks you, “What should I do, now that I am king?”

Tell Barclay what you learned as the tool of the great kings of old, and help him rule well. Instruct Barclay to gather as much riches and as many ornaments as he can to beautify and adorn you.

Story by E. D. Kastin | Python by Jeddak Inc.

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